Day 3: Granari-Saschiz

On Wednesday we wake up and realize that it rained enough to understand we can not pass clean on the other side of the hill, and it will be rainy all day. We eat and get out of the tent. The idea of  packing the tent that was wet doesn’t appeal us. Still we pack everything and start climbing the hill, tricking the muddy road with a parallel trail covered with grass.

We leave the field behind and the muddy trail welcomes us. The soil begins to stick to the wheels, but at least the weather promises to improve. We continue to push the bicycle up to the forest edge.

We lose for a short while the road because is hardly visible from the high grass and finally we manage to enter the forest and find out the specially built bicycle path that connects some of the Saxon villages.

The plan was to follow it up to Saschiz passing above the village of Mesendorf. But it was looking like the weather was not with us. The sky was grey and it was going to rain. We decide to follow the path until we get to the Mesendorf junction and decide where to go from there, that is, if we were continuing to Saschiz or get to Mesendorf, but the idea was not good because we knew it will become really muddy with the sticky ground. It starts raining heavily, but the forest protects us a little bit.

The weather is changing rapidly, the rain stops and the sun shows up. That makes us enjoying the trail which is a real test for the touring bikes but also for us. It takes some balance and skill to pass with a loaded bicycle on a 80-100 cm path, between trees and fallen branches, roots, and wet stones. We like it a lot, so we decide to follow the trail to Saschiz and not descend to Mesendorf.

The road crosses through specific forest for hilly area, winding among the trees, easy climbing and carefully descending the more difficult areas until it reaches an asphalt road above the village of Saschiz. Thanks to the asphalt we clean the wheels and we enter the village quickly.

We take some pictures of the church and at the ruins of the former fortress that sits on the hill, and we realize that the storm is approaching.

We hurry to get water and head up for the fortress to camp near it. Even though we knew where we wanted to go, the thunder and the imminent rain makes us change our minds and to find another good place to camp but totally unorthodox for that. Obviously, the place was in the cemetery, perfectly leaned for the tent with a slight slope to drain the water. The rain is approaching fast and we quickly install the tent. We prepare something to eat, happy that we did not get wet outside of the tent and fall asleep listening to the concert of the rain.

It was a heavy storm, and it rained violently with thunders and lightning. Not too many kilometers for that day, around 40, due to the weather and the road full of mud that slowed us down.

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