Day 4: Saschiz-Bradeni

On Thursday the weather looks like after the storm, with bright sun and white clouds on the sky. We didn’t had the chance to get out of the tent and we hear a car approaching. Vlad squeeze his head out of the tent and we realize for a second time that we are in a cemetery. There were two women in the car who came to give the specific blessing when someone is dying. They were amused to find us there, saying that at least we were not alone last night … a bit strange. 😛

We eat, pack our stuff, dry the tent and went to visit the ruins of the fortress. Silvia did not had the chance to see it and she was quite curious. We climb the path to the citadel, take some pictures and enjoy the panorama from the top.

We descend to Saschiz and we are led by a local child to the spring below Brazi to take water.

Here we meet a guy who is taking care of  the thematic tourist trails in Transylvania, we tell him our plan and he seems very interested by it .

He wishes us a safe journey and we head towards Sighisoara because we have to meet Silvia’s parents there. We cycle the 20 km up to the city quite fast on the national road, due to heavy traffic and eager to arrive at the meeting place.

We eat a good pizza on a terrace where we knew for sure that the pizza was great, we talk for a while, then we decide to take a walk through the medieval fortress. We make quick tour, reminding us of places we knew from other trips there, and we return to the city where Silviei’s parents were expecting us with the “steel horses” to ride them back through hills and mud.

They wish us safe trip and we head for Sibiu, but we will arrive there in 2 days. We cycle slowly and enjoy  the time admiring the countryside with the autumn like scenery.

We arrive in village Bradeni where we are lucky enough to find the old lady that was taking care of the fortified church and so we get the chance to visit. It’s useful because we find water to drink from the  fountain that was build inside it, in case of emergency  when the vilage was invaded by the migratory peoples and they had to seek shelter inside.

We climb the stars up to the attic and we find the boxes for supplier of each individual family from the village in case of war or emergency. They were looking very much like tombs, just smaller. Because this was quite unique, a group of students renovated them, to preserve the history.

We are very grateful for having the opportunity to visit such a place and we head to the next village. It was getting late and we wanted to camp somewhere hidden from the sight.

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