Day 5: Bradeni-Biertan

Friday, 22 September 2017, the day is rather overcast, humid and cold. This does not stop us from continuing towards the village of Biertan, one of the first Saxon villages founded on the territory of Transylvania, a must for us to visit the fortified church. We arrive in Agnita, the first big city we visit after Sighisoara. We take some pictures next to the fortified church, but we can’t visit it, since it’s closed.

The city isn’t very nice, so  we try to get out of it quickly. The road leads us to some nice villages with nice views and at one point Vlad found beside the road a large pumpkin, which he could not leave it there so he decide to carry it to Sibiu for 2 days to bake it.

We need to climb a little “pass” before we start descending to Biertan, but there is nothing to be scared about.

We arrive at Biertan where we have the chance to visit the imposing fortified church, once the Episcopate headquarters  for nearly 300 years.

The tour was quite monotonous and without any information. We were fortunate enough to meet the guide of the church that was just waiting for some tourists to ask him questions..

So the moment we realize his presence there we start ask him to give us some information about the place. He is kind enough to explain about the architecture and shows us all kinds of details in the church, takes us to a room next to the altar, in the sacristy, where it was a  massive door with 19 functional locks, built by Saxon craftsmen with many details using the method called intarsia,

The church courtyard is impressive maintaining the same architectural style and quite opulent compared with the most of the Saxon churches that we have seen.

We leave the fortified center and stay in the village square were we drink coffee and re-plan the route. The goal is to camp at Alma Vii, but to get there we had to follow a road that wasn’t accessible due to rain and mud. We decide not to risk it and return on the same road that we reached Biertan, that is to climb the “pass”  again and then turn right to Alma Vii. It’s a little bit boring following the same road but it’s quicker.

An so we arrive at Alma Vii, we take a short walk to the village, we take some pictures at the church and plan to come the next morning to visit it because the guide was expecting more tourist the following day and it was quite late anyway.

We refill our water supply and we went to find a good place to set up the tent. We find a good place on a hill just above the main road where we had a nice view over the village and the church.

The place is nice, so we unpack everything and start preparing something to eat. During this time the curious children from the village were looking at us. That’s what makes us thinking if we have surprises during the night. We try not to think about it and went for sleep, but we were still careful if we had some visits. The cars were passing by and were lighting during the night the tent. We decide that it is best to move from there because we will not have peace of mind unless we feel safe. We pack everything and went looking for a better place without noise. We find something ok under an apple tree and we settle there, since it was some distance from the village

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