Day 1: Busteni-Sinca Noua

We’re leaving Monday, September 18th 2017, from Busteni after a long afternoon of setting the equipment and packing things in paniers. We head to Poiana Marului on our iron horses loaded with all the necessary for this type of trip that will last for a week. The first “incident” takes place after we step down Rasnov where Vlad hits a rrom who was carrying a cart full of branches of different lengths and one of the branch puncture his front pannier, because he could not overcome him due to the track that was coming from behind. After a series of swearing, we continue our journey and Vlad is joking about the fact that he is always the subject of something “funny”.

We arrive in Zarnesti and from there we follow on the road that leads to Poiana Marului. We are pleased to feel how easy it is to ride on the tarmac, especially on climbs with loaded bikes, and the downhill being an advantage because being heavier makes us faster. When we arrive in Poiana Marului, we decide not to stay here and to cycle a little further down to Sinca Noua. Being in the evening, Vlad knows a nice place to camp near Podu ‘Ilii, where is a viaduct that used to serve an old railway.

So we are pleased that on the first day after we have left at 4 o’clock from Busteni we are able to pedal around 60 km to Sinca Noua.

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