Day 6: Alma Vii-Sibiu

Saturday morning the weather did not improved, it was a constant drizzle. We ignore it and pack our stuff because we want to visit the newly restored church. In fact, only the side of the fortifications, walls and towers was restored, the church still awaiting the moment of its restoration. The guide explained that the restoration was made from foreign funds named “Mihai Eminescu trust”. This is an older project to restore the fortified churches from Transylvania. There is also a website with Alma Vii church: and inside the church is the best mobile signal in the whole village because they have the special GPS antenna.

We are pleased to see that people have made some effort to rebuild this small fortification and so attract tourists who are keen to see these places.

We are positive that the area will flourish and we start pedaling to Sibiu, the destination for that day. The weather starts to get worse, it starts to rain slowly, but it does not last long and we can arrive in the center of Sibiu at time.

Being very colorful, we draw attention, especially strangers are those who are curios to know where are we from and remain pleasantly impressed that we are Romanians and that we like to travel.

After we take some pictures we meet with Vlad’s sister and brother-in-law, who gladly welcome us at their home. We take our time to eat proper food, and then we make a well-deserved bath. After 6 days of pedaling, without a shower, we don’t look very dirty, but we run out of clean underwear. For the moment we don’t want to think how it will be when many more days without a shower will pass. We are glad that we have arrived in Sibiu on our bicycles and we start talking about the adventure we are preparing, what we have to add to the equipment and the virtual page we want to create that will be our diary.

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