Day 7: Sibiu-Carta

On Sunday we wake up and we have to say goodbye to the host, who were generous with us and filled our paniers with all sorts of snacks and food supply.

We head to Cisnadie where we will visit the church, which is in the center of the village, and we enjoy the road that has really nice autumn colors, flowing through the forest and then down to the village.

The church is quite imposing. After a tour around it, we climb into the bell tower where we have an impressive panorama over the village.

Unfortunately, the “guide” does not want to give us too many details, expecting a bigger group not just two cyclists. We’re leaving towards Carta because the next destination. We cross the river Olt to Talmaciu and continue to Avrig.. The bridge that we cross doesn’t seem to be in a good state.

From there we want to totally avoid the national road that was full of lorries and find a secondary road near Olt that leads us to Carta. We cross the main road, then the river Olt and continue to pedal to the first village where we will enter on a muddy road. The landscape is very beautiful, on right hand side we can admire Fagaras mountains, with its’s peaks warmed by the unset light and covered in white and gray clouds.

It’s impossible to pedal and we stop every two minutes to take pictures of the road that becomes more and more muddy and then we lose it at some point.

We reach the river Olt but we are lead in some bushes because the road becomes a trail of grass and it is impossible to continue. We have to push the bikes out of the riverbed and intersect with the road that we initially wanted to go. Silvia’s pleasure to push the bike and get stuck in the thistles, but that’s the fun part of an adventure, you never know where your might get.

We follow the so-called path that leads us to a village where we will pass for the 3rd time the river Olt.

In order to reach village Carta we realize that we have to follow the river Olt for a good period of time, and that is what we will do in the complete darkness, just to test the bicycle lights.

We arrive in Carta and we are impressed. We came from a muddy road and as soon as we enter the village we are welcomed with a paved tarmac. Yes, paved with concrete tiles … Because it was already late we start wondering where we can camp. We arrive in the center of the village Carta and found a couple from Australia who had a huge caravan and talked to an old man from the village. This happens right next to the beautiful Cistercian church and we do not miss the chance to take a photo.

We talk with them and find out there is a camping in the area, but it’s a bit expensive, but the old man is willing and delighted to offer us his  garden for camping. So, without any further ado, we say good night to the 2 Australians and went to the garden. We find out that the old man’s name is Oswald, he is born in that village, but he only stays there in the summer, spends the rest of the year in Germany. He has double citizenship. We set up our tent in his garden and start preparing some food inside a shed. It does not take too long and the old man returns to us with a freshly boiled milk cup, exactly on the taste of Silvia who was dreaming of it for some time (the law of attraction works!). Oswald asks us if we would like to look at the stars because the outside is a clear sky and the stars are now perfectly seen and if we want to do that after we eat. We do not miss the opportunity to accept such a proposal and in a few moments the he brings a tripod, binoculars and other materials. Silvia really told me she wanted to find someone to explain us about the stars and take some pictures. And that really looks like it happens when you do not expect it. (the law of attraction worked twice: P). We begin to look at stars, constellations, and how they were discovered or born.

So is not very difficult to understand that Oswald is passionate about astronomy and photography.

We do not know how the time passed so fast, and that’s because it was really exciting what happened there and we’re sorry that the fog spoils our fun and we have to get to sleep. We say good night and we go into the tent, but with the promise that tomorrow, if we visit the Cistercian Monastery of Carta, he will be our guide. It was a great night and we thank this man who welcomed us into his backyard.

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