Day 8: Carta-Busteni

Monday morning, September 25th, the weather is great, the sun warms our tent, and the fog disappeared. We packed all the equipment and went to the Monastery where we meet Oswald who had already begun the tour with the two Australians. He is more than just a guide, because he gives us much more details about the place.

We speak in two foreign languages, because there are other foreigners, not just the two Australians, he shows us traces and signs on the walls that have remained testimony of the Cistercian Monastery and we are loaded with his overflowing energy.

It’s great that we met him and we appreciate his work because he is also doing a study of the monastery and its length, take pictures and take care of the garden. We also found out that the father and an uncle have the names written in the notebooks as victims of the First World War, so he is deeply rooted in that place. We have the opportunity to climb in the tower of the monastery, which has the entrance in the front of the courtyard.

It is very rarely to find a person as passionate and dedicated as he is. We thank him for everything take few more pictures, and prepare to leave because time is running out.

We want to arrive in 2 days in Busteni, because we have a flight to catch and we are not excited to be in a hurry. We cycle in the direction of Vitoria city but we are not very delighted seeing that the weather is ting worse.

We take a break to eat something, and we decide we’d better get the train home. It starts to drop and it seems that the choice was good. We’re hurrying to get the train from Vistea city. We arrive at the train station and we are waiting for the train that leads us quietly to Brasov from where we will take another train to Busteni.

It was a great experience. Traveling by bicycle through Romania is great, if you avoid the main roads as much as possible. The hills of Transylvania are a perfect place to do this. You can enjoy the nature and the landscape, the people and the places. We’re sorry we did not manged to do exactly what we wanted, but we’re glad we were there for a week.

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