14 April-The D Day!

Our adventure on the Silk Road just started!

We left Bucharest at 10.30 a.m, having all kinds of feelings..

From all our friends only Geo showed up. We knew we didn’t have too many friends, able to understand what we were going to do, besides Geo was aware of the plan a long time ago.

A few passers congratulated us, they heard about the cycle trip at Radio Guerrilla, a gentleman, named Cristian Lupu, came specially for us and accompanied us for a while on his bike, and Milena was in the area. As it was normal, Silvia’s parents also accompanied us.

Getting out of Bucharest: traffic, pollution, dust.. and continued like that until Giurgiu. The worst road to cycle, I don’t understand how some people are “training” on this road. Also very hot, we dehydrated and got sun burned on our hands.

Finally we reached Basarbovo after 94 km of pedal. We set the tent near some Romanians who have an old and deaf dog but who likes chocolate and wanted to taste some from us.


  • Mark Meechan

    Good luck Vlad & Silvia! From all your friends at the Co-op in Coventry. What an unbelieveable adventure.

    • 2bikesodyssey

      Hi Mark! Yes, it is an amazing experience so far. The bikes are heavy but our legs are strong. All the best to all the colleagues at Co-op.

    • 2bikesodyssey

      Hi Eric, nice to hear from you. It’s really nice your blog and updated, not like ours! 😛 It was great to cycle with you too, Silvia is feeling sorry about the misunderstanding, in the last day, hope you did not get it to serious. Sorry for unswerving so late, we did not have too much signal, as we cycled mainly in through the villages. Hope you managed to fix your derailleur.
      All the best to your trip too!

      • Eric

        No problem Vlad. You meet, you separate, that is exactly what travelling is all about. Mount Nemrut was fantastic by the way, but the road up was soooo steep !
        Are you now in Erzurum? Can you recommend a good address? I hope you got your Iranian visas!

        • 2bikesodyssey

          ? that was Silvia actually. Yes, we got the visa. We are now in Iran. I believe it’s too late to recommend something in Erzurum. Hope everything is OK for you too.

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