From Cappadocia to Erzincan-10 days crossing the mountains

We have left Cappadocia on 19 May towards Erzincan. We made our route profile through the mountains, because we do not like to go on national roads, we chose bypassing through villages, with poor roads, climbs and descents and climbs, and the highest hills in Turkey so far, so we managed to do 630 kilometers, 10.869 m accumulated altitude, in 10 days of pedaling without any rest day.

We were chased by the storms, the rain caught us, the bicycles were full of mud, we cleaned them, and then mud again, we descend some gravel roads , we felt like mountain biking, but a little more complicated to get off with a 40kg loaded bicycle without any shock absorber  with a fairly large gradient, obviously we did some push biking too, but still we enjoyed riding in the middle of nowhere.

We took breakfast with a nice view over the high mountains, some snow patches and vertical stone walls reminded us of more familiar landscape like Dolomites. We’ve cycled for 2 days in a row to the place where the Euphrates River springs through some very interesting keys. The river had brown color from so much rain, the land still dry, very few trees.

When the weather got worse, we managed to shelter somewhere under an old house, and a Turkish family invited us to dinner, and before that, another man with a van turned off to give us a jam jar and some cheese. Then we met a group of French cyclists, we pedal with them for a while, but they were less loaded than us, so they took it ahead.


  • Mark Meechan

    Those mountain roads may be harder work & those gravel road descents a bit more dangerous but what incredible places you have visited & have yet to see. It’s a pleasure to read your story & see your pictures from faraway in Coventry. I have no doubt you will enjoy the odyssey & complete your journey but I wish you good luck, anyhow.

  • Eric

    Hi, how are you doing? I hope it is only the blog which is sick and you are ok.
    My cell phone got stolen near Qazvin, so I would really appreciate if you could send me some pictures of the way we spent together (ericbaumgartner@hotmail.com). Thanks a lot!

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