Bike packing in Transylvania – Prologue

We were thinking that we should make another epic bike ride, shorter this time, for only 6 days, not as long as the Silk Road trip, so we chose to explore the hills of Transylvania, this time in a lighter way, with smaller bags such as bikepacking, which are caught directly on bicycle, simple and light.

Vlad had a map with the hills of Transylvania, from Zenith. So one evening we analyzed the map and decided to follow the route marked with the red line (In Roumania the trails are marked with different signs and colors depending on the difficulty of the path).

We actually wanted to traverse Transylvania from East to West, but through the forests, not on tarmac and through the villages. Starting from the Rupea fortress, following the marked path as red line, to the fortified church Viscri, from there following Transilvania Bike Trail, which is a dedicated bike trail going all the way to the village Daia, and then using a newer bike path, that was leading us to the fortified city of Sighisoara.

From Sighisoara we were going to continue on the path marked with red line to the village Richis, following the route known as The Summit of the Waters, keeping  the ridge line and admiring the villages from above.

The luggage side was a bit complicated at first because we had to improvise how we put everything on the bicycles, considering that we did not have special bikepacking gear. The only element dedicated to this  kind of tour was a bag that was caught directly on the seat post, with a fairly large volume but not enough to fit all that was needed. The rest of the equipment was caught on the handlebar with straps, taking care not to damage the cables from the switches or the brakes.

The equipment was consisting of: sleeping bags for winter, because the evening was cold, mattress, spare clothes, a small hygiene kit, a small down jacket, head lights, cooking pot, batteries for charging the phones and, of course, something of rain. The spare tool kit was also minimum: a spare chamber for each, pump, levers, oil chain, chain wiper and insulating tape. The tent was the same as the one used in our long trip on the silk road. Regarding food we were going to buy from the villages we were passing through, avoiding carrying supplies. It was going to be harder with the water, because there are no springs into the forests, so we had to take more water in the evenings, for cooking and washing, that was going to be enough for the the second morning too.

Our loaded bikes were looking something like that.


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