Bikepacking in Transylvania day 4, 5 and 6

The beginning of the 4th day finds us, as we were saying in the previous post in the secular reservation of Breite. As we usually do, we searched for a place to put our tent, that should be safe and out of sight of people. This time, it proved to be quite a difficult task, since everywhere there were small land lifts, and if we continued searching we would have entered the wood and we did not wanted to camp in the woods at all. So, we had to do a compromise of a nearly flat place to sleep and not too far from the road. In the morning our tent was spotted by rangers and of course they came close to see what we are up to, asking us if we were not afraid of the bears over the night..

We were surprised that they did not knew about the trail we were about to follow, marked with a red strip, but probably they didn’t wanted to explain where it goes. Anyway we didn’t need their help, as we already knew where is the path.

We eat, we pack everything and we leave. The road through the woods is not extraordinary spectacular, the climbs are rather steep, as well as the descent, the road full of dried branches that are everywhere and we manage to avoid them in the last minute.

The monotony disappears when we cross  meadows and we get the occasion to admire the villages down the valley. Then, we cross a long stretch of stone road that helps us to move faster and we stumble upon some bear traces.

We reached the intersection that leads us towards the village of Richis. The road is part of the Medias Bike Marathon contest and is quite well-marked, but a bit full of branches and leaves. We’re going through this fast and going downhill to Richis where we eat, drink a beer and prepare our camping plan. Then we continue on the marathon route and after a steep climb from the village we reach some meadows above the village where we set the camp.

The morning of the 5th day

On the 5th day we decide to get to the “Viilor Valley “. A village with a beautiful fortified church, UNESCO monument that we visited. So we pack everything, have breakfast and downhill the valley to the main road. From there we wanted to traverse the hills on bad country roads to Valea Viilor, but it was clear that our energy was rather low and we quickly abandoned the plan after we had a rather hard part, so we decide to follow the main road, with nice tarmac towards our destination.

We descend to Medias, take some pictures of the church and the houses in the historical center and then we stumble upon a cheep but good restaurant where we have some proper lunch.

After eating we head towards Copsa Mare where we turn left to the village of  Viilor Valley, Vorumloc or Wormloch in the Saxon dialect. The popular village name of this village is a wormhole, probably because the area looks like a trail left by a worm.

We visit the church and have a chat with the lady who keeps the key, being kind enough to come over just for us.
Then we leave around 4.p.m. The next two villages that we were about to cross had the same name less a vowel. Practically from Motis we had to get to Metis. Arriving in Motis the rain starts and this is why we were afraid of, since the two villages where linked by a muddy road. So the mud sticks perfectly to our tires making the advance a nightmare. We hardly get through the first hill, without serious incidents and not with too much mud, but we still can’t get rid of the dogs guarding the sheeps. to make everything perfect, Vlad finds out he’s got a flat tire, probably from a spine or … karma. We don’t spend time resolving the issue, we carry on since it was getting darker soon and we were risking getting caught by night and not finding a good camping spot out of the sight of shepherds. Not long after, we were able to get near the village of Metis, with a beautiful panorama above it, where we find a safe camping site.
The next day we reach the tarmac and we move fast towards Agnita. The forecast shows rain in the afternoon and we decide to take the train from Arpas to Busteni. We do not feel like riding in the rain and cold weather, getting through the mountains and so we decide to take the train. The day was short and we rode quickly through the villages and across the hills. The landscape was beautiful when descending to Olt having in the background the Fagaras mountains having snow-covered peaks.
Reaching the train station, we were glad we didn’t have to wait too long for the train to arrive, being pretty satisfied with our tour . We explored another part of the hills and even though the trail was not very difficult or technical, we enjoyed cycling through the tranquil and lush forests of Transylvania. In 6 days (5-10 April) we cycled about 380 km with a 4800 level difference, which is not much, but enough to awaken our spirits for long distance trips.



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