What are we going to do?

In short we are going to cycle the ancient Silk Road from Romania to Central Asia. The trail stretches over 11 countries, approximately 16,000 km and passes through almost all types of landscapes: plains, hills, steppes, deserts and mountains.

There is not just a single Silk Road but a vast network of roads linking China to the West with the aim of promoting trade, so our choice is to take the one that crosses the Pamir Mountains following the famous Pamir Highway, reaching passes of 4.200 meters altitude and also crossing the Tian Shan Mountains, reaching Issyk-Kol, the world’s second high-altitude salt lake.

On our bucket list was also Mongolia, which of course we included,  and it will be the most northern country we will reach. The end point will be in Xi’an, one of the oldest cities in China, but also the place where the silk came from. Besides the rich history, the city has a lot to offer, there is an important section of the Great Wall here and also the Terracotta Army Museum.